Daylight Investigations



Artur Gilfanov, Taliya Nurutdinova, Anna Guseva


Ilnar Akhtiamov,

Rezeda Akhtiamova


Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering


Russian Federation


Project Description

Introduction Close your eyes, what makes you happy? It is the light on your palms, the shadows of your memories. What warms you up in a cold day? A ray of light that breaks through the morning dew in the leaves. Nature has plentiful tools to enrich our life experience with daylight. When passing through the tree branches or a trembling water surface, light creates pattern variations, pleasant to the eye. How can we possibly seize the thrilling moment of light glory? The project attempts to create a systematic model of Light Tools in architecture that could have a positive effect on people’s well-being. Lightscaping is a universal means of architectural space creation, based on effective healing patterns of daylight nature. According to research, all natural sounds that we consider pleasant are blended a-rhythmic waves, like the ‘white noise’. Pleasant natural light patterns, like sun in the shivering leaves, may also be called a-rhythmic waves. What is more, the common urban sounds and light signals have the same structure of a ‘white noise’ wave. However, we do not necessarily consider them pleasant or calming. Thus, our project deals with another sort of waves, the rational ones, created by humans. They are composed with relation to a specific order, a rhythm. As a result, they have a certain effect on the beholder, which can be determined. Thus, Lightscaping sees the rhythm of daylight in architecture as a rational rhythm with a healing effect, like a poem or a piece of music. How can we determine the effect that a poem, or a piece of music, or an architectural space has on the person, exposed to them? The clue lies in a PhD work by Ms S.V. Boltayeva (2003), where she analysed the structure of texts that have a healing effect on a person and are thus considered alternative medicine. The research identified periodic patterns of Marker words, which held a certain healing meaning. Thus, exposed to the speech with these periodic patterns, a human brain got ‘tuned’ to the healing content of the text. As a result, the human body got programmed for self-healing. A similar method may be applied to daylight patterns in architectural space. The Lightscaping project containes a set of ‘Marker’ Light Tools, mentioned in the universal Light Map. Each of the Tools is based on natural light properties and generates a certain phychosomatic effect on the person. These Tools are arranged in the architectural layout of the Light Map in a determined order. Their rhythms are derived from the PhD findings. Thus, people pass through the Lightscaping space, as if they read a healing rhythmic text. They feel enlightened. Light is known to have a positive effect on various life functions, like balancing neural system and blood pressure. According to the light effects system (1939), light acts as the energy factor on the entire human body through the diencephalic centers. In this system, seasonal and daily changes in the body physiology and biochemistry are ruled by photoperiodic stimulation. Likewise, an excess or lack of light can be a harmful, generating abnormal body reactions. Lightscaping uses certain rhythmic patterns from the mentioned PhD work to create an architectural space with a positive effect on people’s well-being. Lightscaping principles may be applied to any space as a universal model . Lightscaping is a hymn to exciting natural light properties. Here, you need nothing more than daylight to feel better. Light Map Lightscaping provides a guide to effective rhythms of daylight in architecture. ‘Tuning’ the layout to specific periodic patterns of Light Tools, mentioned in the Light Map, provides an architectural space with effective wellness properties. The Light Map Tools, like Shadow forest and Sanity bell, are the markers, which make a person feel in a certain way. These markers are placed within the Map, based on the defined healing rhythms from the mentioned PhD work. Passing through a path on the Light Map, a person is exposed to a sequence of Light Tools in the specific order, as if they are reading a poem or a mantra. Thus, a person is enlightened.